Dose Control Cordless Dispenser Technology from Sulzer Mixpac (UK) Ltd

Posted on 24 Feb '16

With over 50 years’ experience in manufacturing dispensers for single and dual component materials, Sulzer Mixpac (UK) has stayed at the forefront of the industry by responded to changes in sealing and adhesive technology. Collaboration with major chemical suppliers has enabled Sulzer Mixpac (UK) to develop innovative dispensing systems to meet changing demands.

Dual component chemical anchoring systems are now well established in the construction industry with multiple choices for architects and builders to select from; most of these systems rely on standard dispensing tools developed to suit the common packaging systems.  With increasing use of these expensive materials, it is important to ensure the correct volume of material is used for each fixing. Insufficient and the anchor may not meet the design specification ultimately compromising the installation with possible safety consequences. On the other hand, over application is wasteful and increases the installation cost for the contractor.

Recent developments in battery powered single and dual component dispensers from Sulzer Mixpac (UK)

 include optional dose control embedded in the dispensing software. This system delivers a consistent volume of chemical anchor each time the trigger is activated whilst still providing full speed control for precise application. A dose dial provides a range of adjustment to meet the application requirements.

These powerful battery applicators give the user full portability on-site enabling high productivity improvements with up to 80 cartridges possible between battery charges.

 C. Beckett

Head of Technical

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