ElectraFlow™ Dual Ultra 600 1:1

The all new adhesive and sealant dispenser powered by Bosch Professional’s powerful 18V lithium-ion batteries. 

Powered by Bosch Professional 18V lithium-ion batteries the ElectraFlow Dual Ultra is designed for the professional and specialist trade user across all industry sectors who  demand a reliable and high-performance dispensing tool.  The ElectraFlow Dual Ultra 600mL 1:1 extrudes accurate amounts of adhesives and sealants for prolonged periods. The patented cartridge locator ensures universal cartridge fit and is compatible with the wide range of  MIXPAC™ application systems, which covers various 2- component side-by-side cartridges and mixers, including the waste reducing ecopaCC™ system.

Customers benefit from its systems approach that significantly reduces issues with dispenser-cartridge-mixer compatibility.

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  • Patented cartridge locator
  • Rechargeable 18V lithium Bosch battery
  • Interchangeable Bosch 18V battery
  • Twin rack platform
  • Automatic rack retraction
  • Manual clutch trigger
  • Fingertip control
  • 2 year warranty for dispenser, battery and charger *


  • Ensures universal cartridge fit
  • 100% longer lifetime
  • Adds convenience for users
  • Ensures mixing ratio are maintained
  • Anti-drip mechanism – no run on
  • Easy adjustment rack position
  • For best dispensing performance
  • Gives you long worry free performance









  • Weight: 3.8kg / 8.4lb
  • Frame Length: 195mm / 7.67in
  • Maximum Thrust: 5kN
  • Voltage: 18V
  • Battery Capacity: 2.0Ah
  • Battery Charge Time: 35min
  • Battery Type: Li-ion
  • Handle Material: PC/ABS
  • Frame Material: Steel/Aluminum
  • Tool Component Approvals: CE, REACH, RoHS
  • Cartridge Capacity: 600mL (21oz)
  • Cartridge Ratio: 1:1
  • Viscosity: Medium/High
  • Standard Color: Black/Grey
  • Customized versions on demand

Professional batteries by Bosch

Partnering with Bosch has meant that we can offer a fully integrated application system, featuring first-in-class  cordless technology. This gives our customers the performance and reliability they expect, with the flexibility afforded by the Bosch Professional cordless technology platform.  The Bosch Professional 18V lithium-ion batteries, including the new high performance ProCORE18V range are interchangeable with a wide selection of Bosch Professional power tools, adding performance and convenience for users. The system offers extended runtime and service life as well as a fast charging technology.  In line with the partnership with Bosch Professional on cordless technology, Sulzer will also be implementing the 18V Li-ion batteries to its range of COX™ and MK™ dispensers.

For more information about Bosch Professional batteries click here

MIXPAC™ ecopaCC 600mL 1:1

The collapsible ecopaCC provides a sustainable and high-performing packaging solution reducing plastic waste up to 75% compared to conventional cartridges. ElectraFlow™ Dual Ultra 600mL is designed dispensing the 1:1 600mL ecopaCC. An extensive range of mixers for chemical anchoring and other varying applications is available.

MIXPAC™ J-System 600mL 1:1

J-System side by side cartridges are widely used and proven in the construction industry. The ElectraFlow™ Dual Ultra 600mL is the perfect match for our 600mL 1:1 ratio J-system cartridge. An extensive range of mixers designed for chemical anchoring and other varying applications is available.

MIXPAC Application Systems, for more information click here.

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The 2-component dispenser 600 1:1 is compatible with alternative cartridges.
Please note; fit for purpose of the cartridges strictly requires customer’s testing and approval thereof.