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The Sulzer Mixpac (UK) blue sachet plunger has been designed and engineered to empty sachets reliably and efficiently without pinching or wasting material. With three slits this plunger offers more flexibility and can cope well with the pressure of the applicator.

the PC Cox Blue Sachet plunger ensures more effective utilisation of sealant and adhesives stored in sachet format for less wasted material


For all* our pneumatic products we recommend the following compressor set-up:

pneumatic sealant and adhesive applicator compressor set-up guide for safe and efficient use in industrial environments


* with exception of the JETFLOW 3 range; we recommend an output of around 185l/min (6.5cfm)

Sulzer Mixpac (UK) also offers 3 different connector upon request (sold seperately).

The cradle frame design on all the higher-powered models, both single and two-component, not only supports and positions the cartridge, making loading very easy, it also adds substantial strength to the frame. This not only enables materials with high viscosity to be dispensed without damage to the applicator, it also extends product life and maximises investment.