Its all about Adhesives

Adhesives appear in everyones everyday life - they bond our cars, they waterseal our bath tubs, they protect our roofs. They are simply holding the world together.

Who are we

Headquartered in Eastern Switzerland, medmix Switzerland AG is a renowned producer of all-in-one application systems for the adhesives industry as well as an expert in offering a dedicated range of dispensers distributed under the brands COX™ and MK™. As part of the Applicator systems (APS) division of the medmix Switzerland AG Winterthur (CH), we have a strong background and offer expertise in engineering and manufacturing cartridges, mixers and dispensers for almost a century. Our approach: first of all committed people , operational excellance  and a consistent stimulating partnership with our customers have led to guarantee first class quality throughout the value chain, providing cutting edge technologies, thus servicing industries worldwide with the focus to ease every day life. This is what we hold on to!

Why people trust in us

We provide fully integrated application systems for packaging, mixing and dosing and dispensing, which gives a clear advantage to the customer. Our innovation and experience has paved the way for value adding solutions and propietry technologies, granting access -for us and our partners-  to market opportunities and sustainable leadership. Moreover, industries worldwide rely on Swiss quality standards and services based on our historic inovation and benefit from highly passionate professionals who really  'stick' to adhesives. Applying lean principles throughout the process we strive to exceed customers' expectations, resulting in smart applications and easy-to-use products with high performance, long shelf life and sustainability. Generated value we are proud of!

Our brands

The tradition, quality, reliability and performance of the COX™ and MK™ dispensers continues into the future as part of the medmix Switzerland AG product portfolio.

Offering a range of excellent standard products, constant product development and surveillance of the market, medmix Switzerland AG is able to meet your various requirements. In close co-operation with manufacturers of sealants, adhesives and professional end users, we meet very specific and stringent requirements.

Adaptation and flexibility are key words for our product development. As a manufacturer, medmix Switzerland AG offers high reliability on deliveries and customised labelling of our products. With these performances we have been appointed A-supplier with Europe’s leading distributors of dispensing tools.

Our values

  • Operational excellence: We continuously strive to be faster and better
  • Customer partnership: Together, we win 
  • Committed people: We build on the strengths and diversity of our people

Our strategic priorities

All strategic priorities are oriented toward our customers with a focus on value creation and profitable growth.

  • Technology leadership
  • Outstanding services 
  • Continuous operational improvements
  • Collaborative advantage

Our history

The tradition, quality, reliability and performance of the MK™ and COX™ Dispensers continues into the future. MK dispensers originally produced and supplied by Krøger A/S since 1922, and COX products manufactured by PC COX since 1958 continues into the future as part of the medmix Switzerland AG portfolio.  

The renowned MK and COX dispensers will be available through medmix Switzerland AG and its affiliates while medmix Switzerland AG has entrusted medmix UK Ltd. with the manufacture of the dispensers.

Krøger A/S was founded in 1922 and acquired by medmix Switzerland AG in 2013. The product range, which includes Manual, Battery and Pneumatic driven dispensers for any application (cartridges, sachets or bulk pack), was originally manufactured at our factory in Denmark. On May 30th, 2017, manufacturing of the dispensers was relocated to: medmix UK Ltd., 1 Tealgate, Charnham Park, Hungerford RG17 0YT, UK. Email: [email protected], Phone: +44 (0)1488 647 800.

Originally established in 1958 by Patrick Clement Cox, medmix UK Ltd. has become the global market leader in the design and production of manual, pneumatic and battery hand held sealant and adhesive applicators. The PC COX product range, which includes cartridge, sachet, bulk, one and two-component dispensers, were originally manufactured at our factory in the UK and will be continued to guarantee professional quality. On July 1st 2016, our name changed from PC Cox Ltd to medmix UK Ltd. To ensure retention of our strong brand and market position, medmix UK Ltd. Ltd continues to market our products under the well-known and widely recognized COX brand: medmix UK Ltd., 1 Tealgate, Charnham Park, Hungerford RG17 0YT, UK. Email: [email protected], Phone: +44 (0)1488 647 800. medmix Switzerland AG USA Inc. in Haslett, Michigan is the exclusive U.S. distributor of the COX and MK hand-held sealant and adhesive applicators. medmix Switzerland AG USA Inc. 8181 Coleman Road, Haslett, Michigan 48840 USA. Email: [email protected], Phone: +1 (800) 822-8114 / (517) 339-3330.


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