• Slide and rotate barrel design for smooth cartridge loading/unloading 
  • Front plate docking feature for easier cartridge swop out 
  • Safe, secure attachment of ecopaCC cartridges 
  • Integrated ecopaCC sleeve 
  • Solid, robust design 
  • Multiple options including cordless, manual and pneumatic 


  • Quick and seamless swop out of cartridges to minimize downtime and increase productivity 
  • Securely and safely holds the ecopaCC sleeve and cartridge in place when dispensing 
  • No need to buy or use a separate sleeve as part of the ecopaCC dispensing solution 
  • Dispensing with the ecopaCC solution is a long-term sustainable solution with a dispenser that’s built to last 
  • Adapt and deploy sustainable ecopaCC dispensing flexibly and in a way that optimizes your business operations. 



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