Scope of Applications

We are proud to be part of the fascinating sector of the adhesive industry and to do business with a variety of exciting and visionary partners, setting together the trends for the future...


In the field of industry applications we are providing solutions for the automotive, aeronautical, electronics, naval and renewable energy industries.  These are confronted with delicate issues on process-reliable bonding and sealing composite materials as well as with high quality and cost-efficiency requirements. Main applications are:




The broad field of construction is split into interior applications, where it is mainly used for processing solid surface material like mineral composites. And exterior applications, where chemical anchoring is replacing metal anchors, 2-component crack repair speeds up work and versatile bondings on roofs are permanently flexible, waterproof and temperature stable. 

Crack Repair
Chemical Anchoring
Solid Surface
Water Proofing

Our Brands under the medmix Umbrella

medmix Switzerland AG™ is uniting the best expertise in 1 and 2-component adhesive applicator systems under one umbrella. COXprovides a wide range of professional, practical dispensers, while MK™ is the specialist for customized high quality dispensing solutions.  

Offering a range of excellent standard products as well as a constant product development and surveillance of the market, medmix Switzerland AG is able to meet even very specific and stringent requirements; adaption and flexibility are key words for our product development. As a manufacturer, we offer high reliability on deliveries and customized labelling of our products. With these performances we have been appointed A-supplier with Europe's leading distributors of dispensing tools.

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