Thursday, June 1, 2023

The global market of hot melt adhesives is projected to grow substantially through 2029*. One of the main drivers will be increased demand for advanced consumer electronic products. With the new MIXPAC 30 mL purHT 1K cartridge kit from medmix, end-users will be able to significantly boost their bonding performance and meet this trend.

The 30 mL purHT cartridge kit from medmix features a higher heat resistance than existing options on the markets, which ensures longer open times and, therefore, a better workflow in semi-automated processes with dispensing machines. The 1-component syringe covers bonding applications with a temperature range from low up to 145°C. Combined with an increased chemical resistance, the purHT cartridge reduces delamination and helps to minimize the rejection rate, resulting in time and cost savings.

The design of the complete system, including the syringe body, a certified Luer front cap as well as a back cap, guarantees airtightness and minimizes moisture, reducing cured waste. With its improved transparency, purHT enables the easy identification of black spots or other possible impurities. This opens up the potential to significantly lower rejections and to avoid rework. Due to the superior syringe design, manufacturers will be able to surpass their customer’s expectations.

Gerry Hernandez, Head Global Product Manager of medmix, is proud of the fact, that: “medmix technology and system know-how is now available for an innovative 1-component solution.” Global end-users will appreciate the stable and scalable quality processes enabled by the purHT, which are ideal for a broad range of hotmelt bonding applications.

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* Hot melt market report, fortune business insights, 2022