Monday, May 1, 2023

medmix has continuously developed sustainable alternatives for existing 2K cartridge-based dispensing solutions. After the successful launch of the 50mL greenLine 2K cartridge set, the 400mL variant, also based on post-consumer recycled (PCR) material, has extended the sustainable greenLine family, offering a 38% CO2 reduction compared to the conventional plastic variant.

With the new family member, MIXPAC greenLine cartridge sets include a 50mL and a 400mL version, both made of up to 100% PCR polypropylene. This next generation of mixing and dosing solutions is designed to enable customers to reduce their CO2 impact and achieve sustainability goals without any compromise on performance or quality.

One of the standout features of the new 400mL cartridge is a CO2 reduction of 38% in comparison to standard propylene cartridges. The MIXPAC greenLine 400mL 1:1 F-System Set sets a new standard, offering the highest concentration of PCR polypropylene within a 2-component cartridge system available on the market. Produced from up to 100% recycled material, the 400mL cartridge also reduces waste, and therefore, strengthens the circular economy.

Both greenLine cartridges were designed with the MIXPAC system approach. The well proven mixers and dispensers from medmix are perfectly matched to the application. This ensures safe and reproducible processes, high precision and ease of use. According to Tobias Bodenmüller, MIXPAC Technology Expert, the greenLine concept stands for: “maximum performance with less CO2.” medmix has determined the carbon footprint improvement of some of its products through life cycle assessment (LCA) methods and can share this data with customers, allowing them to calculate the carbon footprint of their own products using the

MIXPAC greenLine cartridges.

For details please visit our website at MIXPAC™ greenLine™ B-System Set 50mL ( or contact your medmix representative.